Below is an alphabetical listing of all the apps reviewed by the Safety Net team. Click each app to get the full review. Please note that none of the following apps are endorsed by NNEDV or Safety Net. The reviews are meant to provide information so survivors can make informed choices about what apps they use, if any. 

ASK-This app is a personal safety and information app. It connects users to state and locally specific information, while also connecting users to emergency personell and family through messaging and calls. 

Aspire – Personal safety app for users to send a message to a trusted contact when they need help. The app is disguised as a news app.

bSafe  – Personal safety app for a user to create a “social safety network” who will be notified if the user is feeling unsafe.

Circle of 6 – Personal safety app for users to quickly communicate with six trusted individuals if they need help.

GLEAN - Screening tool designed to identify domestic violence and provide information on services and resources local to the Boston and Northern Massachusetts area.

Domestic Violence Information - Basic information about domestic violence. 

Love Is Not Abuse – Educational resource app for parents to learn about teen dating violence and abuse.

my Plan App – Informational app meant to help users determine if their relationship is unsafe and creates an action plan for the user.

R3: Recognize, Respond, Refer – A screening tool to help users identify if someone is being abused.

RUSafe – A danger assessment app to help users identify if they’re in a “dangerous situation,” and connect users with local resources.

SafeNight – A fundraising app that allows community members to donate to a local shelter.

TD411 – An informational app specifically for teens, providing information on teen dating abuse and healthy relationships.

VINEmobile – The app version of Victim Information Notification Everyday (VINE) for victims to receive notifications by phone, email, text message of TTY of an offender’s custody status.