There’s an app for everything, right? An increasing number of apps for smartphones and tablets are attempting to address the issues of domestic violence, sexual assault, and/or stalking. Some apps are screening tools for survivors and professionals to recognize abuse and find resources. Other apps are meant to be a tool to contact help during an emergency.

With so many apps, knowing which ones to use can be difficult. In addition, as with any technology, when apps are being developed for and used by survivors of abuse, there are several things to consider that should be taken to ensure safety, privacy, and accuracy for the user.

The App Safety Center will highlight some of these apps by providing information on what survivors and professionals need to know to use them safely. 

Apps & Resources for Survivors 

This section includes information on safety and privacy for survivors who may want to use apps, as well as details about several apps currently on the market. 

Apps for the Public - Awareness & Education 

Below are examples of available apps that are meant to inform and engage individuals and communities on domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking. 

Apps & Resources for Professionals Working with Survivors 

Some apps have been created to help those who work with survivors in various capacities. These apps can help professionals share information and resources quickly with survivors. 

Information for Developers 

When developers create apps for survivors of abuse, the professionals they work with, and the general public, there are many considerations needed to prioritize safety and privacy for the users. This section includes questions and considerations for developers as they work on creating or updating apps. 

Apps Reviewed

Click here to see a list of apps that have been reviewed by the Safety Net team.