Great News for Technology Summit 2015!

Approval for OVW Grantees

We just got approval for OVW grantees to use their travel funds to attend Safety Net’s 3rd Annual Technology Summit. OVW’s Campus Consolidated Youth, Abuse Later in Life, LAV, Rural, SASP, State Coalitions, TSAP, Arrest, and SASP Cultural grantees have been conditionally approved to attend this conference. Grantees from OVW’s Justice for Families, Transitional Housing, and STOP programs have been approved to attend this conference and do not have to obtain prior approval (although STOP subgrantees need approval from their STOP State Administrator).

Read more about how you can use your OVW funds to attend the Technology Summit. (Make sure you read it - there are some things you have to do!)

Registration Scholarships

Also, in case you missed it, we are offering registration scholarships. If you would like to attend the Summit but can’t afford the registration fee, apply for a scholarship. Although we have limited funds, we want to make sure that those working with victims are able to attend. If you’re given a registration scholarship, you will still be responsible for your own travel, meals, and lodgings. More information about the scholarship and how to apply is on the Technology Summit page

As always, let us know if you have questions, and we hope to see you all there!!