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Availability: Android and Apple Market
Price: Free
Created by: Greater Lowell Evaluation Advocacy Network (GLEAN)
Audience: Designed for the Boston / Northern MA area

Last reviewed October 2015

GLEAN is a simple app that gives users an eight-question survey designed to identify domestic violence. It also provides information on services and resources local to the Boston and Northern Massachusetts area.

What we like:

  • This app does not ask for or collect any personally identifying information about the user.

Safety and Privacy Considerations:

  • The included resources are specific to eastern Massachusetts. There is not a listing for the National Hotline in the event that a survivor was planning to leave MA or was in another state altogether.
  •  There is no privacy policy on the website and there are no disclaimers informing survivors on the safe use of the app in case their phone could be monitored.


  • It may be a little difficult for survivors to know for sure where the listed resources are located, unless they search online for more information or for the area codes. It is not actually specified within the app that the resources are specific to Eastern Massachusetts.


GLEAN screenshot 1
GLEAN Screenshot 2