The Legal Systems Toolkit helps legal system stakeholders: Law Enforcement, Attorneys, Court Personnel, Community Corrections, and others, identify what technology is relevant to a case and how to use technology evidence to hold offenders accountable. Technology evidence may strengthen cases by providing tangible proof. It may also help in negotiating pleas or settlements, obtaining confessions or guilty verdicts, or relieve some of the pressure on victims to testify against their perpetrator.

Start with A Primer for Using the Legal Systems Toolkit: Understanding & Investigating Tech Misuse, which contains information that is essential to understanding all documents within this toolkit.

Approaches to Evidence Collection

Technology Specific Evidence Guides

Evidence Guides for Attorneys

Additional Resources

Over the years Safety Net has produced a variety of resources geared towards professionals working within legal systems:

Resources for Victims

Professionals working within legal systems have a unique opportunity to help victims stay connected, document the abuse, and safely access tools that can help in an emergency. Refer victims to a local advocate who understands tech safety, or let them know about the resources in our Survivor Toolkit at, particularly: