Availability: Apple Market
Price: Free
Created by: Break The Cycle and Liz Claiborne, Inc. 

Love is Not Abuse iPhone app is an educational resource for meant for parents to learn about teen dating violence and abuse. The user receives text messages, emails, and phone calls for a 24-hour period that mimic what controlling and abusive behavior may look like. Most importantly, the app includes various tips and information on dating abuse and what to do if a user thinks their child is being abused by someone. Available videos teach users about abuse tactics that violate privacy and misuse technology. 

Safety & Privacy Considerations / Tips:

  • The experiences of survivors and the tactics of abusers vary greatly. If you are concerned that your child/teen or someone else that you know is being abused by their partner, find ways to talk with them and show your support. They may or may not experience what is displayed in this app or on a list of red flags, but if you're supportive they may disclose their concerns or fears to you so that you can help by offering some of the resources that you found available. 

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