My Plan 

Availability: Apple and Android 
Price: Free 
Created by: The One Love Foundation 

My Plan is an anonymous application that helps the user determine if their relationship is unsafe and will create an action plan for the survivor based on their individual characteristics and values. An embedded live chat function allows the user to access 24/7 support from a trained advocate at  It also includes a Danger Assessment that assesses the potential danger of the abuser and risk of lethality. The questionnaire used is from the well-known Danger Assessment tool. 

Although the website doesn't specify a target audience, the app is currently written addressing college students. However, the assessment itself and many of the resources are not specific to college students and can be helpful to others. An updated release of My Plan is expected in Fall 2015 and will add safety planning content for women of all ages, a Spanish-language version, and functionality enhancements. 

What We Love: 

  • In both the Apple and Android Markets, a disclaimer is provided to warn users of potential cell phone monitoring by the abusive person and suggests removing the app from the phone once finished. 
  • The in-app chat option anonymously connects users to within the app. The risk of someone else finding that conversation is minimized when it's occurring within the app instead of using other platforms on the phone. 
    Note that is applies specifically to the chat feature. For information on the texting feature, see below. 
  • Provides a comprehensive list of resources. 
  • The content includes several recommendations to delete the app after use to maximize safety and privacy.
  • To prioritize privacy, the user does not create an account and if the passcode is forgotten, the app will need to be uninstalled and reinstalled.  

Safety & Privacy Considerations: 

Spyware & Monitoring: 

  • Although we love the monitoring disclaimer, it doesn't address the possibility that the abusive person could also monitor the phone remotely using cell phone spyware. If you believe that your partner may be monitoring your phone remotely, then consider accessing this information from another device or contact a hotline from a safer phone. Remember that even if you delete the app from the phone, it will still show up in the download history and in any backups of the device. 

Confidentiality Limitations: 

  • Throughout the app , there are suggestions that survivors report assaults or abuse to campus authorities or the dean and that this communication will be confidential. It's critical for survivors to know that confidentiality requirements vary and not all authorities or personnel on campus will be able to maintain your privacy. Many campus personnel may actually be obligated to report a disclosure, regardless of what the victim wants. Before disclosing abuse to someone, ask about their confidentiality obligations and limitations. For confidential assistance and guidance, you can contact the National Domestic Violence Hotline and/or find a community-based domestic violence or rape crisis center program off-campus. 

Texting Option:

  • Users have the option to text or chat with an advocate at with It's important to note that if you choose the texting option, it uses the default texting platform on your phone and all sent and received messages will be stored in your texting history. If you are concerned that the abuser might find those messages, delete the texted conversation or use the Chat feature instead. 

Confusing language: 

  • The app opens with a statement about how it can often be hard to tell the difference between "the normal ups and downs" of relationships and an abusive relationship that could be "unsafe." It's critical that survivors and their friends and family truly understand that abuse can take many forms. A lack of physical violence doesn't mean that the abuser won't become violent and even if someone doesn't score high on the Danger Assessment, it doesn't mean that their partner isn't abusive. Survivors should trust their instincts and remember that they always have a right to be treated respectfully in their relationships. 

Suggestions for Survivors:

  • There are many great recommendations provided within this app. Although some may not be the safest option for everyone. There are suggestions for the survivor to change her/his phone number, block the abuser online, and cut off communication. If breaking up or leaving an abusive partner, discuss these options with an advocate and always trust your instincts. Sometime cutting off all communication can actually escalate the abusive behaviors, increasing safety risks. In addition, the app also suggests that the safest options for survivors are to "get the dangerous person arrested and go to a domestic violence shelter." The decisions to access shelter or contact police should be made individually by survivors based on their situation. Whether the person is arrested or not is often out of the control of the survivor and whether or not these options will increase safety really depends on the individual situation.


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One Love Lite DA (Danger Assessment) 

Availability: Apple and Android 
Price: Free 
Created by: The One Love Foundation 

The One Love Danger Assessment app allows users to assess the potential danger of the abuser and risk of lethality by answering a series of questions. The questionnaire used is from the well-known Danger Assessment tool. 

The app also provides resources for  additional assistance. Because the target audience of this app is college students, many of the resources are specific to this population. However, the assessment tool is not specific to that population. The danger assessment is also accessible online

What We Love: 

  • Users are informed upfront that their use of the app is completely anonymous and there will be no record maintained of their answers to the 20-question assessment.  
  • The content includes several recommendations to delete the app after use to maximize safety and privacy.
  • To prioritize privacy, the user does not create an account and if the passcode is forgotten, the app will need to be uninstalled and reinstalled.  
  • Chat option with is within the app and does not leave a communication trail on other parts of the phone. 

Safety & Privacy Considerations: 

  • As a safety feature, the screening tool is automatically disabled after it is used. To use the tool again, the user must delete and re-download the app. However, although you cannot access the assessment tool, all other content on the app will still be available. If you are concerned that the abuser will find this on your phone, delete the app completely. The app will still remain in the download history and some information may still exist in back-ups of the device. If there are concerns that the abuser is monitoring the phone activity, access this information from another device. 
  • To view the Safety Plan, a document actually downloads onto the phone. Users should take note to also delete this download if they are trying to maximize privacy and safety from potential monitoring of the phone. 
  • The option to text with an advocate at uses one of the texting platforms on the phone and is not solely within the app. Users should delete any texting threads to increase their privacy. 
    • NOTE: The number that the app connects the user to is the older number for's texting helpline (77054). When tested, there was no response from an advocate. The accurate number to access this resource is 77054 (text "loveis" to start a conversation). 
  • Some of the language used to describe the app in the app store can be misleading and can come across as minimizing of abuse. Survivors should always trust their instincts and seek assistance from an advocate or law enforcement if they feel unsafe. The Danger Assessment used in this app is meant to gauge the possibly level of severity of abuse and the risk of lethality. A low score does not necessarily mean that the behavior of your partner is a normal part of relationships.  
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