Availability: Apple and Android
Price: Free
Created by: The Women's Center and Shelter of Greater Pittsburgh & Newton Consulting 

RU Safe is a danger assessment app meant to help users identify if they could be in a "potentially dangerous situation" and connects users with local resources. 

Safety & Privacy Considerations / Tips: 

  • Users of this app can look up local resources by using the GPS location of their device or by searching by State. If you are uncomfortable allowing the app to use your location, use the search by State option. If you choose to allow the app to use your location information, turn off location access in your device settings when you're done looking up resources to enhance your privacy and safety. 
  • As with any app, this app will show up in the download history of your phone and in any backups, even if deleted after use. This app provides a disclaimer about this, but only after download. 
  • There is no option to password protect this app. Consider whether the abusive person may have access to your phone and if you want to delete this app after using it so that it cannot be found. Please note that even if deleting after use, the app will still be listed in your download history. 
  • The app allows you to contact the program that created the app. Please note that clicking on the "Contact Us" takes you to their website contact page, and emails that you send will be sent from the default email program on your device. Any email you send will be stored in your email program. If you’re concerned that someone might be monitoring your email, copy and paste their email address into your preferred email platform (a safer email and one that the abusive person cannot access, perhaps) or call the hotline number. 
R U Safe Screenshot 1
R U Safe Screenshot 2