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Availability: Android Market
Price: Free
Created by: The Shade Tree Shelter

Last Reviewed January 2016

Intended Audience: Survivors local to Las Vegas, NV

This app provides basic information about the services provided by The Shade Tree program for survivors in Las Vegas, Nevada. It allows users to “check-in” to the program, informing the agency via the app that they will be coming to stay in their shelter.

What we like:

  • The app provides information to survivors without collecting any personal information from users.
  • An Escape Button on the screen quickly closes the app in case the user needs to hide what they are looking at from someone entering the room.

Safety & Privacy Considerations / Tips:

  • Survivors get basic information, such as the program address, so they can go directly to the shelter when ready. It does not, however, provide any helpful information to help prepare survivors for escaping abuse or entering into shelter in the safest way possible. The most dangerous time for a survivor and any children is when they leave or attempt to leave the abuser. Survivors should be equipped with information and resources to help ensure that this process is a safe one. In addition, more information can also help the survivor determine ahead of time if this program is truly going to meet her needs.
  • Users can call the program by clicking on the phone number in the app. The phone call will be placed through the default phone option so it’s important that users remember that the call will be logged in the phone’s call logs. If someone could be physically monitoring the phone, delete that outgoing call log.
  • There are no tips or considerations on the safe use of the app provided prior to download or within the app. If you believe that your phone may be monitored by the abusive person, access this information from another device.

Other Considerations:

  • This app is specifically intended for survivors who are in the Las Vegas, Nevada area. Although it can be widely accessed by anyone across the country, it does not provide the National Hotline number or any other local or state-specific resources. 


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