Many organizations have developed apps with localized resources and information for survivors and individuals in a specific geographic area. Many of these apps are fairly simple, user-friendly, and well done. The only limitation that we sometimes see is that although the app and some of the information can be helpful for survivors anywhere, the resources provided can be limited to a specific area (city, county, state) or to the agency that developed the app.

Since smartphone apps can be downloaded by anyone, some users may want resources that are more applicable to them. All apps developed for survivors or friends/family of victims should include broader resources, such as national hotline numbers, in addition to local domestic violence/sexual assault agency numbers and resources. This is especially important if an app is helping a survivor assess whether her/his partner is abusive and if she/he should seek assistance from a local program. 

These are some examples of state or area-specific apps: 

  • GLEAN - Boston / Northern Massachusetts
  • iHOPE - Arkansas
  • TD411
  • Safe Passage MVP - York, Chester, and Lancaster Counties in South Carolina