Technology Summit 2014: OVW Grantee Approval

OVW has approved the following grantees to use their training travel funds to attend Safety Net’s Technology Summit.
Grantees from OVW’s Arrest, Rural, STEP, Supervised Visitation, and Youth Services Grant Programs have been conditionally approved to attend this conference. Grantees from the aforementioned programs are required to contact their OVW program specialist to get approval specific to their award and to ensure that a Grant Adjustment Notice (GAN) is issued. A GAN must be completed before grantees expend any funds related to attending this conference. 
Grantees from OVW’s Children and Youth Exposed to Violence, Consolidated Youth, Engaging Men, STOP and Transitional Housing Grant Programs have been approved to attend this conference and do not have to obtain prior approval.
The reference number for this conference is OVW-2014-MU-009. This number must be used by grantees when requesting approval via a GAN or in their “memo to the file.” This approval and assigned reference number is for this conference only.