Technology Summit 2018

NNEDV Safety Net's 6th Annual Technology Summit took place July 30- August 1, 2018. NNEDV State Coalition members were invited to attend the Tech Advocates day, held on August 2, 2018.  It was another great year, with so many new attendees and trainers! Thanks to all who participated for making it another highly successful Summit! If you missed it or want more info, look at the 2018 Program Book, or check out some of the fun that was had via our Twitter Moment feed!

Technology Summit 2017

NNEDV Safety Net's 5th Annual Technology Summit took place July 31- August 2, 2017. NNEDV State Coalition members were invited to attend the Tech Advocates day, held on August 3, 2017.  Thanks for another great Summit and for making this year the largest Technology Summit to date. If you missed it or want more info, look at the 2017 Program Book, or check out some of the fun that was had via our Storify and Twitter Moment feeds.

Feedback from Participants:

  • "I like the variety in topics covered. I think it allowed participants from different levels of technology knowledge and interests to engage."

  • "As a first time attendee, I thought the fundamental series were very useful and grounding. I appreciated the shared language/tools/concepts before moving into deeper, more complex sessions."

  • "The plenary panel with tech representatives was fascinating and thought provoking. I appreciated the opportunity to hear from people working for various tech giants/innovators,who are also trying to incorporate a lens towards safety."

  • "I also loved how the conversations were framed around 'technology isn't the problem, the way people abuse it is'. I also appreciated the intersectional/oppression lens that many NNEDV trainers brought to the conversations (so needed)."

  • "New substantive info (skills, practices, etc.) that my organization can put to use to help clients. The guest speakers, the facilitators, and the information was current. Facilitators were willing to spend additional time to answer questions. I appreciate their accessibility."

  • "Excellent presenters, wide range of relevant information that was accessible at various levels of tech knowledge. The schedule was roomy but also efficiently used, and the atmosphere was welcoming and filled with camaraderie. The Tech Safety team was accessible and friendly, and willing to help in any way they could."

Technology Summit 2016

The 4th Annual Technology Summit was held July 25 - 27, 2016 in San Francisco, CA. Thank you for making our 4th Annual Technology Summit better than ever! If you missed it or are looking for more information, check out the Technology Summit 2016 Program Book and our Technology Summit 2016 Storify.

Feedback from participants:

  • “I like that it addresses stalking and up to date technology use/misuse concerns. I am not tech savvy and I know that our city/county law enforcement needs to look further and harder into use/misuse with the victims that we serve.”

  • “I enjoyed the variety of perspectives and focuses; it was so valuable to be able to gather information on agency use of tech, use of tech as a social change tool, and laws about tech--all in one place. It was like a one-stop shop! I also appreciated the fundamentals modules on the first day. While I can see that experienced attendees might want something different during that time, I also think these modules are really important, both from the perspective of a newer attendee, but also because that is the content we are likely to need to bring back to our states and communities.”

  • “I really like the empowerment part of how to educate our survivors strategically to use the technology around us for safety planning.”

  • “I enjoyed everything about the conference. The speakers, the presentations, the staff, and the overall experience was amazing from registration to the end. I learned so much that I needed multiple note pads to write it all down. Had not taken that many notes since I was an undergrad more than 10 years ago.”

Technology Summit 2015

The 3rd Annual Technology Summit was held July July 27 - 29, 2015 in San Francisco, CA.  For more information, check out the Technology Summit 2015 Program Book.

Feedback from participants:

  • “Having survivors share their stories and experiences helped the audience realize the issues with SA and technology. Made it a reality for those of us who do not deal with survivors directly.”

  • “I liked that most of the speakers discussed and explained certain topics in a way that made it easy for people with minimal knowledge to understand. I thought this was also helpful because it showed me how to talk to other people with minimal knowledge so that they understand what is important when you're trying to help victims/survivors.”


  • “I really appreciated the wide variety of backgrounds that the presenters and keynote speakers had. I liked being able to interact with other attendees during the reception and morning breakfast. Almost every workshop I attended felt relevant to my work/life.”

Technology Summit 2014

Our 2nd Annual Technology Summit was held July 29 - August 1, 2014 in San Jose, CA. For more information, read the program book.

Feedback from participants:

  • “The summit was great. I learned a lot of useful information that I can now adapt to my work. The information that was provided had many new things that were new to me as an advocate. The breakouts were very helpful. All of the presenters were great."


  • “Selection of speakers were on-point! The workshops were very informative. And, I enjoyed the last day (tech advocates day), great opportunity to connect with other coalitions staff and celebrate the great work everyone is doing across the country.”

  • "The variety of subjects covered was impressive and the valuable, realistic solutions to help us help survivors. Hearing from the tech execs from the social networks was informative and shared perspectives from the other side on the technology and its use… What's not to like?"

Technology Summit 2013

The 1st Technology Summit was held July 29-31, 2013, in San Jose, CA. For information about Technology Summit 2013, view the program book and our Week in Review blog post with some event highlights. 

Feedback from participants: 

  • “Topics that were addressed were very informative, up to date, and thought provoking. The sessions helped me realize ways in which technology is abused that I was not aware of before.”

  • “I really enjoyed the variety of key note speakers, workshops, panel discussions and tech demonstrations. I loved that many of the technology company representatives present were asking questions of advocates about how the companies could most effectively create change.”


  • “The overall tone of the event allowed for participants of different backgrounds, knowledge and experience levels to participate equally. The topics were exceptional—I have never attended any conference where there weren’t at least a couple of duds and this wasn't the case.”