To Us, #TechSafetyMeans…

Technology allows us to quickly and easily connect with other people. Technology can be a valuable resource for survivors, granting them access to information, resources, emergency services, and networks of support. However, technology is also often misused by perpetrators to stalk, harass, and control victims. For example, offenders can manipulate technology to track and stalk victims. They can also install spyware on survivors’ devices to secretly monitor and harass them. By hacking or inappropriately accessing a survivor’s webcam, hard drive, or online accounts, abusers can gain access to personal information which can be used to locate the survivor or as blackmail.

The Safety Net project at the National Network to End Domestic Violence (NNEDV) addresses the intersection of technology and domestic violence, stalking, sexual assault, and dating violence. Since technology permeates many aspects of our lives, we at NNEDV strive to ensure that survivors and advocates can utilize technology safely, effectively, and securely.

To us, #TechSafetyMeans...

  • Supporting survivors at the local level.
  • Making connections and serving survivors through strong statewide networks.
  • Advocating for privacy and digital safety at the national level in government, with tech companies, and other allied agencies.
  • Ensuring survivors know how to safeguard their privacy and maintain safety on all their devices.
  • Creating communities where perpetrators cannot use technology to their advantage.
  • Advocating for change that benefits all survivors!